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Nestled just south of Boston's Back Bay neighborhood, the South End was built over a tidal marsh that was once part of the bay. Fill was transported in from another part of the state by train just after the Civil War to lay the area's foundation. The South End was created as a solution to overcrowding in Boston's downtown area at the time. Charles Bulfinch, one of the nation's most celebrated architects during that era, created the original designs for the South End. His signature bow-front brick townhouses line several streets and are accentuated by rows of trees. According to the National Register of Historic Places, Boston's South End is the country's largest remaining urban Victorian neighborhood.

Chinatown and Roxbury also share borders with the South End today. The neighborhood changed from its original appearance and occupants. Later in the 1940s and again in the 1970s, there were major economic shifts. The modern neighborhood hosts a large variety of commercial buildings ranging from very small to very large. However, many streets still remain residential areas to preserve the original Victorian beauty that was Bulfinch's vision.

While several Boston neighborhoods have mostly certain types of merchants, the South End is home to a broad range of businesses. From movie theaters to upscale dining venues, the neighborhood has nearly everything local residents need. Tremont Street, Washington Street and Columbus Avenue are the main streets in the South End. These streets are also where most businesses are located. Finding retail space in the area is not difficult, but commercial real estate sells and leases out quickly when it is available. For this reason, it is important to rely on Boston City Properties up-to-date information. New business owners looking for a great place to start will appreciate this neighborhood, and existing businesses looking for a better location will also find this area favorable. It is already a known area for great dining, shopping and entertainment.

The South End is known for being a very versatile place when it comes to welcoming new businesses. When shopping for the right commercial real estate location, some important points to consider are current size needs, future size needs and location. Retail spaces in this area have the advantage of being in a favorable location, so shoppers should consider what size of space best fits their needs. There are available options for both large and small businesses in the South End. Whether the final decision is to buy or lease commercial real estate in the South End, it is good to find a space that will work for the amount of time it is needed. Some business owners may want shorter leases than others, and those who want to buy should plan to keep the building or office for several years. Buying and leasing are both important steps, so let Boston City Properties help find the ideal location.

Would you like to lease or buy retail space in Boston's South End? Boston City Properties has you covered! The commercial real estate market throughout the city is very fast-paced and competitive, and this neighborhood is no exception. It is easy to feel overwhelmed while looking for the right location for your restaurant, clothing store, coffee shop or other retail establishment. If you sign up for free access to our constantly updated Boston commercial real estate listings, however, you'll find what you need before you know it.

About South End

Businesses thrive in the South End, and there's no reason that yours can't too. Bordered by Roxbury, Chinatown and Back Bay to the north, this neighborhood has the largest array of Victorian houses in the world. In addition to boasting more than 300 acres of these stately homes, this neighborhood is dotted with lovely parks. Known for its diversity, the South End is also home to many bustling commercial corridors, so there are plenty of opportunities to find prime retail space along its busy streets. In the last several years, this neighborhood has really come into its own and now boasts a somewhat cosmopolitan vibe.

Some of the main business corridors in South End include Columbus Avenue, Washington Street and Tremont Street. Most retail establishments are found along these streets between West Newton Street and Berkeley Street. Eclectic arrays of businesses are found along these thoroughfares, but Tremont Street is best known for its high concentration of eateries. In fact, it has been dubbed "Restaurant Row" for this very reason. If you're looking for retail space for a restaurant or other eatery, Tremont Street is a great place to look.

South End is split up into many districts, including Back Streets, New York Streets, the Medical Area and SOWA, which stands for South of Washington. In these areas, you will find a dizzying array of retail establishments, including shops that sell handmade, locally produced goods; men and women's clothing retailers; specialty food purveyors; home furnishing shops; nail salons; spa services and much more. Increasingly, there are also many specialty shops, including boutiques that cater to well-to-do dog owners. The neighborhood is also crammed with numerous art galleries that lend it a somewhat bohemian and artsy vibe.

Tips for Finding the Right Retail Space in the South End

Some tips for finding suitable retail space in this Boston neighborhood include:

Have a Budget - Know how much you can afford to spend on retail space before looking for it. What is the max that you can afford for a monthly payment?

• Know What You Need - Be as specific as possible about what you need. In particular, know how much space you require. Remember that you will pay for every square foot, so be realistic.
• Get Help - Sign up to search Boston City Properties' constantly updated Boston commercial real estate listings for free. We can also connect you with an array of other services and resources.
• Narrow Things Down - Use our search tool to identify three to five retail properties that are likely to suit your needs. You can then focus your attention on researching each one more closely.
• Make the Deal - To get the best deal on retail pace in South End, it pays to know how to negotiate. For that, the help of a skilled commercial real estate agent is indispensable. Boston City Properties can connect you with one in this neighborhood who can guide you through the process.

How Boston City Properties Can Help

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