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Business owners looking for commercial real estate space in an area with a long and rich history often choose Boston's North End and especially Hanover Street. The North End of Boston has the distinction of being the oldest residential neighborhood in the city, which dates back to at least the 1640s. During the 1700s, the North End became a popular place to live. Some of the original historic homes still stand in the North End. The Pierce-Hichborn and Clough houses from that era still exist today, giving locals and visitors a glimpse of what upscale Boston homes looked like in the 1700s.

Commercial development in the North End started in the 1800s. A cholera epidemic in the mid-1800s hit the population of the neighborhood hard, but schools and aid were implemented there to help residents recover, rebuild businesses and start prospering again. In 1919, a large wave of molasses flooded the streets when the Purity Distilling Company's tank holding 2.3 million gallons of molasses broke. Businesses recovered, and the area was rebuilt again. Over time, the neighborhood gained a tunnel to connect it to East Boston and its largest airport. There was also an expressway built to alleviate heavy traffic.

Hanover Street in the North End was originally a shore access path. Until the early 1700s, it was known as Orange Tree Lane, and it then gained its current name from the British House of Hanover. A variety of businesses, churches, independent dining venues and some of Boston's most celebrated Italian restaurants line this famous street. Business owners who are looking to start a new venture or relocate to a better space in the Boston area often choose the North End or its popular Hanover Street for the historical significance and tourist shoppers. Businesses range from boutique shops to law offices. When seeking commercial real estate space in the North End or on Hanover Street, shoppers should take the time to find a property with a prime location and enough space.

Dining enthusiasts frequent the area for the unique venues and especially the notable Italian restaurants, so restaurant owners often choose this neighborhood for the stream of foodies and tourists coming to the area. Businesses hoping to attract area residents will also find a variety of sizes of retail spaces. Whether shopping for a retail space to lease or buy, it is important to stay current with listings. Boston City Properties provides up-to-the-minute information about what is available and the features of current properties for sale or lease. Spending time searching on foot or online independently takes hours of valuable time, but BCP eliminates that hassle by doing all of the hard work. Make a list of favorite options on our site, and contact our experts to start viewing or learning more about those spaces.

Tracking down suitable retail space in Boston's North End can be pretty daunting. Given its small geographic area and competitive real estate market, finding retail space to lease or buy that actually suits your needs can be tricky. A step in the right direction is to sign up for free access to Boston City Properties' continually updated commercial real estate listings. It only takes a second, and it puts a wealth of useful information at your fingertips. We have an array of other resources and services to assist you further, so read on to learn more.

About North End

The North End is the oldest residential neighborhood in the city of Boston. It has been continually inhabited since the 1630s, so to say that it is well-established would be an understatement. At a size of just 0.36 square miles, however, it is extremely compact when stacked up against many other neighborhoods in the city. Still, more than 100 retail establishments are found within its borders, and there is no reason why yours can't be added to the mix. Because it is so small and its market is so competitive, it is crucial to arm yourself with the most timely and accurate information possible.

Informally known as the Little Italy of Boston, the North End has long been home to a large population of Italian Americans. For many years, its retail scene was dominated by Italian restaurants, groceries and bakeries. That has started to change a bit, so businesses from many other industries are slowly but surely establishing themselves in the area. Up until the 1970s, its waterfront was dominated by abandoned industrial sites. Thankfully, the area was revitalized and is now home to a bustling business district and numerous luxury apartment and condo buildings. The popular Harborwalk stretches through part of the neighborhood as well.

Since this neighborhood is so small, it is difficult to pinpoint a specific commercial corridor. Perhaps the best example would be Hanover Street, which runs from north to south and is considered by many to be the "main drag." As far as the types of retail establishments that you will find in this neighborhood, the area is dominated by locally owned boutiques, home decor and clothing shops, specialty wine and cheese shops, small Italian grocery stores and bakeries and several national retail brand locations. Several Freedom Trail stops are located here too, so foot traffic tends to be quite good.

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