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This Boston neighborhood is located downtown close to Chinatown and the Government Center. It is home to some of Boston's tallest and largest buildings. While it is not an officially defined area, the borders are State Street, Atlantic Avenue and Devonshire Street. The Exchange Place, Dewey Square and Post Office Square are two notable landmarks. It is also home to the famous Fidelity Investments' headquarters. State Street Bank's world headquarters are located there, and Pricewaterhouse Cooper's accounting firm does business in this neighborhood. Several of Boston's most notable law firms have offices in the Financial District.

One glance around the Financial District would tell most people that the area is very modern, but the commercial development of this district actually started in the 1600s. During the early 1600s, Broad Street was the main artery connecting what is now the Financial District with the rest of the city. Due to its size, historic maps indicate that Broad Street was a major commerce hub. In the 1880s, maps show that the area now known as the Financial District had grown to be Boston's largest textile industry. At the time, many merchants also lived in the buildings where they set up their businesses. Owners of plant-based businesses and clothing stores were found almost exclusively in that area of the city during the later 1800s and early 1900s.

One of the most detrimental incidents to hit the district is the reason it looks modern today, and that reason is the Great Fire of 1872. Noted as one of America's most destructive fires in history, the expansive blaze destroyed the entire area of what is now the Financial District and other parts of the city. Rebuilding was a process that took many years, and some businesses were hurt badly enough that they never rebuilt or reopened their doors elsewhere. The fire was blamed partially on lenient regulations regarding fire safety, so the modern buildings in the district were built much better and are still maintained with up-to-code fire safety features. Although the residents and merchants who lost everything are also gone today, the people in the Financial District are aware of what happened in the 1870s and what a catastrophic loss the fire caused. Businesses and property owners in the area take the task of preserving the Financial District and preventing catastrophes very seriously today.

With an aquarium, the Boston Harbor and several famous parks along its border, the Financial District sees its share of tourists. Most businesses in the area are office-based companies offering various professional services, but there are also restaurants, large retail companies and warehouses. While many neighborhoods in Boston welcome mostly independent and small businesses, this area is a good choice for people wanting to open a chain store or hoping to start a larger business. It is also ideal for companies looking for a more optimal office space or a larger retail space for relocation. Some buildings are available for purchase, but many of the larger buildings offer retail space or commercial real estate for lease. When looking for commercial real estate to lease or buy in the Financial District, it is important to work with an experienced professional. Boston City Properties provides updated information and the help of attentive professionals.

Locating suitable retail space just about anywhere is a daunting proposition. That's far truer in a major urban hub like Boston, and truer still when it comes to its bustling Financial District. If you are looking to lease or buy commercial space here in the heart of the city, you'll need all of the help that you can get. Retail space is at a premium here, and it isn't always easy to come by. You'll have a much easier time by signing up for free access to Boston City Properties' searchable real estate listings. We have many additional resources to connect you with, so read on to learn more.

About the Financial District

Located in downtown Boston near Chinatown and Government Center, the Financial District is one of the busiest commercial and business corridors in the city. Although it's not particularly known as a shopping destination, it is home to many nationwide and local stores and shops as well as an eclectic array of other businesses. Although people typically think of soaring skyscrapers when they think of this neighborhood, the truth is that there are buildings of all sizes here--and opportunities for businesses of all sizes too.

Since it is located within close proximity of Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market, the Financial District gets plenty of foot traffic. Throughout the neighborhood, there are many pockets of commercial activity. Some prime examples include Post Office Square, International Place and The Exchange Place. There is also a very busy and popular pedestrian mall over at Summer Street and Washington Street. Whether you need to open a storefront for a retail shop or are looking for commercial space for a new restaurant or other endeavor, our team can help you secure the perfect property.

Without a doubt, the biggest commercial center in the Financial District is Downtown Crossing, which is located where Washington Street, Summer Street and Winter Street converge. Right around this same area, there are usually lots of pushcart vendors and other plying their wares on the street. As a result, this area is perpetually busy and bustling, which is great news for business owners. If you would like to procure prime retail space at Downtown Crossing or elsewhere in the Financial District, you can't go wrong by connecting with Boston City Properties.

Tips for Finding Suitable Retail Space

The most important thing to keep in mind when seeking retail space in the Financial District is to take your time. It's worth it because otherwise you could end up with something that doesn't really suit your needs. A few more tips to keep in mind include:

• Make a Budget - Figure out how much you can realistically afford for buying or leasing commercial space, and stick to it.
• Search Boston City Properties' Listings - Sign up using the easy form to get instant, free access to our searchable Boston commercial real estate listings. This will put you on the fast track to finding the right property.
• Know Your Needs - Write a list of the features and amenities that are absolutely crucial to you. Use this information to narrow down your list of results more quickly. For instance, if you need commercial space that includes dressing rooms, you can eliminate many options right away.
• Narrow It Down - Zero in on three to five promising retail spots to investigate more carefully.
• Request Assistance - Finally, get the help that you need to get through the rest of the buying or leasing process by contacting us. We'll put you in touch with a skilled commercial real estate agent in the Financial District who can take it from there.

How Boston City Properties Can Help

Don't settle for less when seeking retail properties in Boston's vibrant Financial District. There perfect property is out there waiting for you, and you'll find it more quickly by signing up to search our constantly updated database of Boston commercial real estate listings. When the time comes, contact us to be connected with an experienced commercial real estate agent in the neighborhood who can take you to look at properties and assist you in many other ways. For more information, call Boston City Properties today.