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Boston's Fenway neighborhood is often grouped with Kenmore when residents reference it. Fenway is adjacent to Back Bay, one of Boston's most popular neighborhoods. The Fenway area is best known for its famous Fenway Park, which is home to the Boston Red Sox baseball team. The neighborhood and the ballpark were named after the Fenway thoroughfare that runs through the area and was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted. This Boston neighborhood is large enough that it is divided into several subsections. These include West Fenway, East Fenway, Kenmore Square and Audubon Circle. The brownstone townhouses that Boston is famous for are found in this neighborhood, and there are several apartment buildings measuring five or six stories high. Many of these structures were built between the 1880s and early 1930s but remain intact today. Small independent businesses are also scattered among the residential structures in Boston's sprawling Fenway neighborhood.

The Fenway neighborhood dates back to the 1870s. At the time, Boston annexed the land from Fenway's neighboring Brookline district. Plans were originally laid out to fill the area with homes for wealthy residents, but several educational institutions sprouted as property values continued climbing. By the early 1900s, more than 20 educational organizations and institutions had been established along the Fenway thoroughfare. Since the original plans resulted in the creation of a park board, people wanting to build residential homes in the area had to gain approval from the board prior to planning or building. The board was strict and required builders to avoid erecting buildings that were visually unappealing or of low quality. Their reasoning was that the appearance of one unappealing or poorly-built structure could cause values of other structures surrounding it to depreciate. The buildings today still reflect that care and high standard of quality.

In recent years, Fenway's development rate has skyrocketed. It is quickly becoming one of Boston's most popular neighborhoods for businesses. Redevelopment projects have resulted in renovations and improvements to existing landmarks and structures. There are several large-scale projects slated to take place over the next several years. These will include new retail spaces, restaurant spaces and luxury hotels. With major public transportation routes frequenting the area, it is a great location for new businesses to start or existing businesses to consider for relocation. In addition to Fenway Park, there are several tourist attractions in the area that bring a steady stream of customers. During baseball season, fans coming to games and shopping or eating in the area bring more revenue for local businesses.

With developments set to continue for several years, the property values may increase in Boston's Fenway neighborhood. Now is a good time to start looking for retail space or Fenway commercial real estate to buy or lease. As the area's redevelopment and new development continues, buyers and renters will grab spaces quickly. Current Fenway retail spaces are going fast, so it is helpful to have updated information. Most information online is outdated or only includes minimal details. Boston City Properties takes pride in keeping current with today's most recent listings in the Fenway neighborhood, and our descriptions of properties include detailed information. Whether business owners are planning to start fresh or continue in a new location in Boston's Fenway area, finding the ideal space is paramount. With properties going fast once they are on the market, having experienced professionals who can help locate commercial real estate options that are the right size, price and in a great location is essential.

Leasing or buying retail space in Boston's Fenway neighborhood is a daunting proposition. The real estate market in the city is fast-paced and competitive in general, and that's truer still regarding prime retail locations in this bustling section of the city. Establishing a business here is a smart move, as the neighborhood continues to grow. If you'd like to find great commercial space for your business in Fenway without dealing with a lot of hassle, connect with Boston City Properties. To start, we will give you free access to our searchable database of commercial real estate listings. There's a lot more help where that came from, so read on to learn more.

About Fenway

Situated adjacent to Back Bay, Brookline and the South End, Fenway acts as a link between downtown to the east and the Allston-Brighton district to the west. As such, it is one of the busiest and most bustling neighborhoods in the city. Home to Fenway Park, which is home to the Red Sox, the neighborhood also enjoys its own fair share of visitors throughout the year. It's also a prime business district in general. These factors all converge to make this neighborhood an excellent place to own and operate a business. The first step is securing the right retail space.

Dotted with five- and six-story apartment buildings and numerous stately brownstone homes, Fenway gets its name from The Fenway, the main thoroughfare of the neighborhood that was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted of Central Park fame. Major commercial corridors in this part of the city include Brookline Avenue, Beacon Street, Boylston Street, Kenmore Square and Huntington Avenue. Along these and other thoroughfares, you can take your pick from a wide array of commercial real estate options, including sites that are suitable for boutiques, restaurants, shops and other establishments.

While Fenway doesn't enjoy the shopping mecca reputation that is enjoyed by neighboring Back Bay, it is still a great place to find just about anything. While national chains and companies are fairly well represented here, there tends to be more small businesses and independently owned shops in this part of the city. A large student population means that there are always plenty of people on foot, so if you own the type of business that benefits from nearby foot traffic, this could very well be the right neighborhood for you.

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