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Faneuil Hall often refers to the area surrounding the actual building bearing the name, which is near the Government Center. Since the 1740s, the hall has been a famous meeting place. Samuel Adams and others who were famous speakers gave speeches in the hall. It was also used as a marketplace at one point in history and maintained that image. The building itself went through many structural and cosmetic changes throughout the years, and the neighborhood surrounding it also changed. Throughout the years, the area surrounding Faneuil Hall became commercialized. Forbes ranked Faneuil Hall as the fourth most popular tourist attraction to see in the United States, and it is one of the biggest stops on the Freedom Trail.

Near Faneuil Hall is Quincy Market, which was named after Josiah Quincy. It was built during the 1820s. Quincy Market's main building was constructed without any debt or taxes being incurred, and it is known today as one of the nation's largest historic landmarks. At the time, Faneuil Hall was filled to capacity with vendors. Quincy Marketplace was built to provide more space and a larger market area. The pavilion had several indoor stalls to accommodate a large number of merchants. While the market's original main building was located behind Faneuil Hall, more filling material was brought in to solidify part of the harbor and expand the marketplace. It grew over the years and was home to several vendors selling various edible goods. Local merchants originally sold eggs, cheeses, breads and a variety of other foods. Although the original merchants of these shops are long gone, the marketplace is still buzzing today with new vendors and businesses. Locals maintain some of the area's charm by leaving certain features intact or original signs in the windows.

The marketplace spans over 500 feet, includes more than 25,000 square feet of space and is two stories high. In the area surrounding these two historic sites, there are plenty of commercial real estate spaces. Both new merchants and small businesses looking to relocate seek retail spaces in this area because of its existing popularity as a hot shopping spot. Small independent restaurant owners also find this area a good place to do business because of the hungry shoppers. As a known spot for finding vendors, even temporary vendors prefer Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market for doing business. People visit the area to shop during the week and even more on the weekends. In addition to these two marketplaces, there are two buildings called the North Market and South Market. They were constructed to provide additional retail space and dining venues. Since tourists and locals frequent this area for shopping, commercial real estate goes fast when it is available. When looking for a space to lease or buy in the marketplace or in its surrounding areas, it is important to have up-to-date information. Boston City Properties can help find the right spot, and our information is always updated and thorough. Our experienced professionals know how to help every new and seasoned business owner find the right spaces for their needs.

In the world of Boston retail space, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better location than Faneuil Hall and the surrounding area. If you are in the market to lease or buy retail space in this part of Boston, let Boston City Properties lend you a hand. When you sign up using the easy form, we'll give you instant, free access to our searchable Boston commercial real estate listings, including listings for retail space for sale or lease in and around Faneuil Hall, including North Market, Quincy Market and South Market. We also have connections with experienced commercial real estate agents in the area and can put you in touch when the time is right.

About Faneuil Hall

When most people think of shopping in Boston, Faneuil Hall springs immediately to mind. For many, this area is ground zero for shopping in Beantown, so it makes sense that many business owners want to establish presences in the area. If you count yourself among them, you will be glad to know that our database typically has numerous listings for retail space for lease or sale in this part of the city.

Situated as it is near the Waterfront, the North End, the Financial District and Government Center, Faneuil Hall and the Faneuil Hall Marketplace are ideally located for businesses that span many sizes, scopes and industries. The marketplace itself is home to more than 70 retailers and more than 40 office tenants, and it boasts more than 200,000 square feet of retail and commercial space. Often referred to as "Boston's Market District," this neighborhood is bursting at its seams with prime retail space opportunities. In addition to being a prime shopping destination, this area is steeped in history, as a market has existed here since at least the mid-1700s.

Throughout Faneuil Hall and the Market District, you will find an eclectic mix of retailers. These include everything from major national retailers to smaller, more unique local businesses. Restaurants here span a vast array of cuisines and specialties, so shoppers can easily grab a bite to eat. This is great news for retailers in the area because the longer that people spend here, the likelier they are to make purchases. In addition to being home to many shops, boutiques, bistros and eateries, the district is typically bustling with pushcart vendors, street performers and other diversions.

Tips for Finding Retail Space at Faneuil Hall

Simplify the process of finding suitable retail space for lease or sale near Faneuil Hall by keeping these tips in mind:

• Connect with Boston City Properties - First, sign up to get free, instant access to our comprehensive online database of MA real estate listings. It includes up-to-the-second listings for commercial real estate for sale around the city.
• Determine Your Budget - Your search will be easier when you have a clear idea about how much you can afford. Crunch some numbers to come up with a realistic figure.
• Figure Out What You Need - Having a clear idea about the kind of space that you need will make everything a lot easier. While not having enough space is problematic, having too much is an issue too because you'll be paying for space that you don't need.
• Narrow Things Down - Whittle down your list to the top three to five options for retail space in Faneuil Hall. From there, you can more carefully investigate each option to determine whether or not it meets your requirements.
• Get Assistance - Finally, keep in mind that leasing or buying retail space in a place like Boston can be very complicated. We'll set you up with a skilled commercial real estate agent in the area who can assist you further.

How Boston City Properties Can Help

Whether you're looking for retail space near Faneuil Hall for a new restaurant, a new boutique, a hotel or any other type of business, do yourself a favor and avail yourself of the considerable resources that are offered by Boston City Properties. Once you've signed up, you can immediately start searching commercial real estate listings. Later, we'll connect you with a local commercial real estate expert who can take you to check out properties, assist in negotiations and much more. For more info, call Boston City Properties today.