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Cambridge has a population exceeding 100,000 today and is ranked fifth on a list of the state's largest cities. Separated by the Charles River, Cambridge is located directly north of Boston proper. It is most famous for being the home of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. Before it became part of Harvard University, Radcliffe College was also a notable educational institution in Cambridge.

Cambridge has a long history that dates back to the 1630s. The location of the city was prime for defense and was also close to the Boston Harbor. In 1631, the first houses were built in Cambridge. However, its original name was Newe Towne, which reflects the old English spelling of the two words. Although the original structures in the area do not exist today, Harvard Square sits atop where they once were. There is a marketplace on the corner of Winthrop Street and John F. Kennedy Street, and this is where farmers from the original village used to come sell their goods. Although most cities expand, Cambridge was once a much more sprawled city than it is today. The outlying areas and settlements became small towns of their own eventually. Brighton, Newton, West Cambridge and Lexington are a few examples.

Cambridge was also famous for bringing about a literary revolution in the mid-1800s. It was home to many of the Fireside Poets. A large glass company brought many jobs in the 1800s, and businesses started expanding in the city after that. By the 1920s, Cambridge was one of the most industrious cities in New England. It is still a very prosperous and industrious city today.

North Cambridge is an area boasting a wide range of types of businesses today. There are several high-rise rental properties and single-family homes for the neighborhood's residents. The area also provides easy access to major transportation routes. Smaller businesses tend to choose this area of Cambridge, which welcomes independent businesses. There are a variety of other types of companies in and around the area. Cambridge has a diverse range of commercial real estate. From large office spaces and restaurants to small storefronts, the city has nearly every size and type of commercial real estate property to consider. Finding the right size, price and location takes time and effort. To avoid making the process more difficult, it is important to remember two essentials. First, always work with a knowledgeable professional. Second, make sure the information available is updated. Many people find outdated listings in their search for the right retail space in Cambridge. Finding that the property is no longer available is a big disappointment and often results in wasted time. By working with a real estate professional, people looking for retail space or commercial real estate in Boston have valuable advice and help just a few clicks or a phone call away. Boston City Properties strives in providing current information and professional assistance.

Locating suitable commercial real estate and retail space in a bustling city like Cambridge is usually easier said than done. If you are searching for space to buy or lease for your business, do yourself a favor and turn to the experts at Boston City Properties. In exchange for completing and submitting a quick, simple form, we'll give you immediate, free, unlimited access to our powerful online database of searchable MA real estate listings. It includes up-to-the-second listings for retail space for sale and for lease in Cambridge. Read on to learn how else we can help.

About Cambridge

Situated just north of Boston and directly across the Charles River from the city, Cambridge has a thriving economy in its own right. As the home of Harvard University, MIT and many other institutes of higher learning, Cambridge also boasts a large population of students. Additionally, the city is known as a tech and research center, so many companies in the area need lab space and other amenities. With that being said, the city has plenty of commercial and retail corridors. Regardless of the type of business you own or the kind of space you need, we'll help you find it.

Cambridge is often called the City of Squares because it is dotted by numerous bustling squares. Each one has its own distinct style, but a few of them are more oriented toward retail and commercial than others. Inman Square is a prime example, with its assortment of unique restaurants, music venues, bars, shops and boutiques. Perhaps the best-known shopping area in Cambridge is Harvard Square, which is home to a dizzying array of commercial establishments and is often bustling with students, shoppers, business people and even street performers. Central Square has lots of retail space too, and it's home to many ethnic restaurants.

Tips for Finding Retail Space

It's easy to feel like you have your work cut out for you when looking for Cambridge retail space. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

• Get Information - Get the ball rolling by signing up for free access to our searchable real estate listings. As soon as you submit the form, you can start searching.
• Know Your Price - Your search will unfold much more easily when you have a clear idea about your budget. How much can you really afford to pay to buy or lease retail space? What is the maximum monthly payment that you can afford?
• List Your Requirements - Make a detailed list of the features that you absolutely need for your business. As you read through listings, you'll be able to eliminate options that lack what you need and highlight those that do.
• Narrow It Down - You may initially end up with a rather long list of options. Narrow it down to a handful to make your search easier. You can then more carefully research each of these options to identify the most promising ones.
• Get Help - Leasing or buying commercial space is a major endeavor even under the best circumstances. Doing so in a very competitive real estate market like Cambridge's is even more difficult. When you're ready, Boston City Properties can connect you with a local commercial real estate agent who can assist you all the way through to closing.

How Boston City Properties Can Help

When it comes to identifying suitable retail space in Cambridge, MA, going it alone is never a good idea. You'll find something truly perfect a lot more quickly by availing yourself of the considerable resources that are provided by Boston City Properties. Once you've signed up, you can search our commercial real estate listings from the comfort of home. We'll send you daily email updates with the latest listings that meet your criteria, so you will always have the latest and best information. Once you've identified a handful of promising options, contact us to be put in touch with an experienced Cambridge commercial real estate professional who can take you to look at properties on your list, help you with negotiations and guide you through the rest of the process. Call Boston City Properties today for more information.