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Brookline is notable for being the birthplace of John F. Kennedy and part of the Underground Railroad. It is also home to the Dutch House and the Puppet Showplace Theater, which is one of the oldest puppet theaters in the country. This town borders six other neighborhoods in Boston. Three of these include Fenway, Allston and Brighton. With a population shy of 60,000, the city has grown from the small hamlet of Boston it was in the 1630s. When it was a hamlet, it was called Muddy River. The hamlet was later incorporated as Brookline in 1705. Although it is considered a neighborhood in Boston, the city remains its own separate entity today and has several smaller neighborhoods within it. The city has refused several annexation attempts by Boston, so business owners who want to be in the Boston area but not in the city itself often choose a location in Brookline. Since it was once part of a parks project, the area is still very well landscaped. Rows of trees, parks and gardens are common sights in Brookline. Residential areas are kept manicured, and the city maintains a strong commitment to preserving its unique visual appeal. For this reason, Brookline has also become a tourist destination and tranquility getaway for Boston residents.

Brookline's original retail hot spot was Brookline Village. Once the Civil War ended, retail activity started expanding further up Harvard Street and Washington Street in Brookline. The entire city today is mostly made up of quality schools, homes and independent businesses. While there are a few chain businesses, most commercial real estate spaces are purchased or leased by independent owners. Since it is a separate city, Brookline is a good place for new businesses to start or for relocation of smaller businesses. Restaurants, shops, service-based businesses and bars make up a good portion of Brookline's storefronts. The atmosphere for businesses is tranquil and quiet, so businesses owners who are not planning to bring excessive noise are usually welcomed by locals. When searching for retail space in Brookline, it is important to have updated information. The area is a popular choice, so commercial real estate is leased or sold quickly.

Since there are several tourist attractions, many parks and a variety of independent businesses, there are also tourists who come to Brookline during the warmer months. Business owners planning a customer base of both locals and tourists should look for properties closer to historic locations. There are a variety of sizes and types of commercial real estate properties to consider. Whether companies plan to start very small or want a larger space, Brookline has a variety of choices to meet nearly any need. To allow time to find an ideal size of space in a preferred location, it is best to start shopping and watching now. Boston City Properties keeps up-to-date information about what listings are available. Unavailable properties are quickly removed to avoid wasting any time. Descriptions are detailed, and our experienced professionals are available to assist in the search for the right retail space to lease or buy.

Tracking down the right retail space in Brookline, MA, is often easier said than done. With its immediate proximity to the city of Boston, dense population and bustling urban environment, this city has a lot to offer in terms of commercial real estate. Just as with real estate in Boston, however, real estate in Brookline is very much in demand. The market is highly competitive, and great properties are snapped up quickly. If you are looking for commercial space for your business and want to look in Brookline, let Boston City Properties lend a hand. Between our powerful real estate database and our other resources, you'll find suitable space for your business in no time.

About Brookline

Situated to the north of the city of Boston, Brookline is a very urban, densely populated city. Happily, it is also highly walkable, so owning a business here is a smart move. That's especially true if you own the kind of retail establishment that thrives off of foot traffic. Indeed, shops, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, bistros and many other businesses do very well in this vibrant city. The trick to being successful here is acquiring the right location, and our team can help you with that.

Brookline has several distinct shopping districts, but commercial properties are found throughout the area. Some of the most notable shopping areas include Chestnut Hill, Putterham Circle, Brookline Village, St. Mary's Station and JFK Crossing. Coolidge Corner, which is located at the intersection of Beacon Street and Harvard Avenue, is another great spot. As urban and populated as it is, Brookline boasts a surprising number of green, open spaces, including many parks. At Washington Square, you'll find an eclectic array of storefronts and, many times, retail space for sale or for lease.

There are many advantages to acquiring retail space in Brookline rather than Boston, even though it seems somewhat counterintuitive. Most of all, this city has its own thriving economy, so a business that might not succeed in Boston might do very well here. Not surprisingly, lease rates tend to be more affordable here than in the neighboring city, and the same is true about property values. As a result, if you're looking to buy commercial space in this city, you can expect to pay at least a little less than you would in Boston proper.

Tips for Finding Suitable Retail Space

It's normal to feel overwhelmed while looking for Brookline commercial space. Some tips for doing so include:

• Connect with Boston City Properties - Simplify your search for great retail space in Brookline by signing up for free, immediate, unlimited access to our searchable commercial real estate listings. You'll be on your way to finding the perfect option before you know it.
• Know What You Need - Make a list of must-have amenities and features for the retail property that you are pursuing. Keep it in mind while searching our database.
• Have a Budget - Crunch some numbers to come up with a conservative and realistic budget for leasing or buying a property in Brookline. Make sure that your monthly payment is something that you can comfortably afford, or you risk putting your company in jeopardy.
• Narrow Things Down - Using our convenient search tool, you should be able to come up with a list of three to five promising options quickly. That way, you can then investigate each one more thoroughly to determine which property suits your needs the best.
• Ask for Help - When you're ready to take a look at commercial properties in person, we'll connect you with a commercial real estate expert in Brookline who can assist you.

How Boston City Properties Can Help

The most important aspect of finding suitable retail space in a bustling urban environment like Brookline is having access to timely, accurate information. When you sign up for our free listings, you'll get that and much more. In addition to searching our current listings, you can sign up for daily emails with new listings that meet your search criteria. We also have connections with many skilled commercial real estate agents in and around Brookline, and we will connect you when you are ready to proceed. For more information, don't hesitate to contact Boston City Properties.