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This is one of the neighborhoods in Boston with the most lengthy and rich history. Once a municipality, Brighton was named after an English city. Brighton was formerly part of Cambridge for its first 160 years of existence with its current name, but the area was known as Little Cambridge before it was given its current name. Brighton became part of Boston partially because of a bridge dispute in centuries past. Although it went through its share of names, the town's history actually started in the 1630s. The land the current city sits on was originally given to Watertown, and ownership was then given to Newe Towne, which later became Cambridge. The Praying Indian village was established on the land in the 1640s. The village gained its name because of the local natives who were converted to Christianity. As English settlers came across the Charles River, the Little Cambridge settlement was formed. Prior to the American Revolution, the community relied on farming but was prosperous. The area continued growing, and more merchants started coming to the neighborhood.

An agreement with the Continental Army in the 1770s would later lead to the growth of one of the largest meat packing plants in the state. In addition to the bridge dispute, residents of the former Little Cambridge decided to cut ties with Cambridge because of decisions they said were not in favor of the town's prospering cattle industry. In 1807, Brighton was officially formed. Cattle remained an important industry, which was only strengthened in the 1930s by emerging railroads in the community. Brighton residents later decided to annex the city to Boston in the 1870s. Since that time, the population has grown. The area businesses focus on the large residential population. There are a variety of businesses, but the majority of storefronts are restaurants, pubs, bakeries and various merchandise shops. Small businesses make up most of the commercial real estate locations in Brighton.

Brighton retail spaces usually go fast when they are available for sale or lease. Some of the main areas of the city are Washington Street, Brighton Center and Oak Square. Commercial real estate in these areas is popular. Small retail businesses, restaurants and pubs usually seek to buy or lease property in Brighton. Finding the ideal size of space in the right location can be difficult without the help of a professional. At Boston City Properties, we take pride in providing information that is updated every day. Our listings include not only up-to-date information but also detailed descriptions. Due to its broad range of businesses, Brighton is becoming a more popular destination among Boston locals for food, drinks and shopping. When buying or leasing commercial real estate in Brighton, be sure to consider current and future business growth. To find the ideal space before someone else does, start browsing and comparing properties for lease or sale as soon as possible.

Buying and leasing retail space in Brighton, one of Boston's most charming neighborhoods, doesn't have to be difficult. While it can be overwhelming to attempt to find the right kind of commercial space in a major city like Boston, having access to the right resources can make a massive difference. When you sign up for free access to Boston City Properties' constantly updated Boston commercial real estate listings, you will get that and so much more. Regardless of the type of space that you need, you're sure to find something perfect in no time.

About Brighton

Early in its history, Brighton wasn't a neighborhood of Boston at all. Instead, it was a part of the city of Cambridge. Since then, of course, the neighborhood has been annexed by the city of Boston. Located in the northwest corner of the city, it is surrounded by not just Cambridge but by Newton, Brookline and Watertown as well. In recent years, the city launched the Main Streets Program, which helped to revitalize many commercial corridors in the neighborhood. Thanks to this initiative, many new shops and storefronts were developed. As a result, there's never been a better time to own a business in Brighton.

This part of the city features several unique commercial districts. Throughout the neighborhood, you'll find more than 150 independently owned and operated businesses and restaurants. There is still plenty of room for more. Along Washington Street, mom and pop businesses reign supreme. Elsewhere in the neighborhood, you will find many unique shops and stores, including charming pubs, ethnic grocery stores, small boutiques and much more. Interspersed between these businesses are pockets of multifamily homes, including apartments and condos. Mass transit is readily available as well, so this is a great place to own just about any kind of commercial enterprise.

Despite the fact that it is technically a neighborhood in one of the biggest cities in the country, Brighton has managed to retain something of a small-town feel. Some of its hottest retail centers include Cleveland Circle, Oak Square and Brighton Center, but you are certainly not limited to those areas when looking for prime retail space. Whether you need space for a hotel, a restaurant, a shop or some other enterprise, finding what you need will be a lot easier when you avail yourself of Boston City Properties' considerable resources.

Tips for Finding the Right Retail Space

Whether you've leased or purchased retail space before or not, it never hurts to brush up on the basics. Keep these tips in mind:

• Make a Budget - Before anything else, figure out how much you can afford to spend on leasing or buying a retail property for your business. Make sure that you identify a maximum monthly payment that will give you enough wiggle room to effectively run your company.
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• List Your Requirements - Make a detailed list of the amenities and features that you absolutely must have. You might also make a second list of amenities and features that would be nice to have but that aren't mandatory.
• Make a List - After browsing the results from our listings, select three to five top contenders on which to focus. Extensively research each one to identify the perfect option.
• Connect with a Real Estate Agent - Finally, contact us to be put in touch with a Brighton commercial real estate expert who can take you to look at properties and guide you through the rest of the leasing or buying process.

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