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The Boston Waterfront is usually defined as stretching from North End's Commercial Street, past the New England Aquarium, to the border of the Seaport District. The Seaport District is often considered part of the Boston Waterfront neighborhood and it is the South Boston Waterfront neighborhood. In recent years, the South Boston Waterfront has become the fastest growing real estate market in the United States. As part of the Port of Boston, it is not an area that is concretely defined. One of the largest construction booms in history has taken place there over the past several decades. Some of the projects included new office towers, labs, stores and even residential buildings. More construction is expected in the future to keep up with the demand for business space there.

Some popular buildings in the area are the Seaport World Trade Center, the Institute of Contemporary Art and the John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse. As part of the major redevelopment plans for the area, several billion dollars were allotted to help pay for construction costs in 2010. The project for Seaport Square provided plenty of new parking space in the area and business space for multiple uses. Public transportation lines run through the area and bring plenty of locals and tourists. Since construction in the past several decades included a mix of commercial real estate spaces, business owners looking for small or large spaces have more options. Although the price per square foot is higher than several other areas of Boston, the Waterfront is only expected to gain popularity and value in the future. Business owners looking to start or relocate here may consider it a smart investment for the large amount of potential customers steadily pouring in and also for the increasing land values.

While this specific neighborhood is the prime location, several areas of Boston's waterfront are popular for business. Whether it is for a law office, restaurant, hotel, spa or another type of company, waterfront locations are strategic choices. Business owners in this area can take advantage of the stream of potential customers by putting their storefronts near the waterfront. Whether properties are in the South Boston Waterfront area or another part of Boston's sprawling shores, they are bought or leased quickly. To find an ideal available property, it is important to have up-to-the-minute information. Boston City Properties provides the newest listings with the most thorough information available, and our professionals have plenty of experience helping all types of companies find the right space to do business. Start browsing as comparing options as far in advance as possible. This allows time to find the right property and take steps to acquire it temporarily or permanently.

Securing prime retail space on Boston's waterfront is a pretty tall order. If you are looking for retail space for your business on or near the city's waterfront, including the South Boston waterfront, Boston City Properties is here to help. From Marine Industrial Park to Fort Point to the Innovation District, the waterfront is bursting with exciting opportunities for business owners. Not surprisingly, however, retail space is at something of a premium here these days, so it pays to have access to accurate, timely information. With access to our comprehensive online database of searchable MA real estate listings, you'll get that and much more.

About the Boston Waterfront

In years past, much of the Boston waterfront was dominated by industrial facilities. Needless to say, this didn't leave a lot of room for commercial endeavors. Fortunately, that all started changing during the 1970s. Today, the waterfront is in the midst of a rebirth of sorts, and it has become one of the hottest neighborhoods in the city. In addition to being home to many glitzy new apartment and condo buildings, the area is attracting businesses of all kinds. Competition for prime retail space is fierce, though, so it's crucial to enlist the right help.

In this part of the city, you'll find popular attractions like the Boston Children's Museum, the New England Aquarium and the Harborwalk, which extends 40 miles along the waterfront. For this reason, the waterfront draws in not only local residents but visitors from around the country and world. This is great news for business owners, as foot traffic in this part of the city is strong. Without a doubt, business in the area is booming, and this trend is expected to continue for a long time to come.

The waterfront is also home to what is known as the Innovation District, which is characterized by an influx of tech companies and other startups. These days, it's not unusual to see numerous pop-up restaurants and shops in this part of the city, so it's an entrepreneur's dream come true. There are plenty of well-established businesses and corporations in this part of the city as well, as it is home to bustling business centers like the World Trade Center and Marine Industrial Park.

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