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Located on the western side of the city, Allston was named after Washington Allston, an American painter. The neighborhood is often grouped with Brighton for administrative purposes and was once part of Brighton. The area includes residential structures, which are mostly brick apartment buildings and triple-deck wooden structures. There are single-family Victorian homes still adorning lower Allston, and the majority of these homes were built during the 1890s through the 1920s. Several commercial buildings make up a considerable portion of the neighborhood. Some properties in this area were once owned by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

During the 1860s, a train depot and post office were given the name Allston to commemorate a painting, "Fields West of Boston," by Washington Allston. This area was also the site of the first trolley route in Boston, which ran through Brookline, Boylston Street and on toward downtown Boston. Some of the most notable features of Allston were the stockyards. To transport livestock, rail cars were used, so railroad operations were also a major part of Allston's industry. While the area's livestock business ended around the 1920s, the railroads are still used for transportation today. Auto dealerships were very popular in the neighborhood in the past, but only a few vehicle companies remain today. What is now Boston University's Nickerson Field was once Braves Field, home of the Boston Braves baseball team. Allston has a rich history, and many of its original business and residential structures still exist to maintain the original charm and historic value.

With transportation routes providing easy access to Allston from neighboring communities, the area is a popular location for businesses. It is mostly home to independent businesses, many of which are small. This is a good location for starting a new or small business. There are plenty of commercial real estate buildings for a variety of purposes. From restaurants to retail stores, there are several choices for patient buyers and renters. Some of the buildings have their own unique history, which buyers or renters may choose to preserve. Redevelopment projects in the area are making it a more common destination by expanding on the types of businesses and restaurants coming to the neighborhood.

When searching for the right type of retail space or commercial real estate to buy or lease, it is important for new businesses to consider current needs as well as future growth. There are a variety of versatile properties in Allston that allow for a small start and also some growth. Whether shoppers are looking to buy or lease, the area has a diverse range of choices. The most important part of leasing or buying the ideal space is having current and thorough information. At Boston City Properties, we keep our information updated for the day's most current available properties and their detailed descriptions. Our professionals have experience helping shoppers find the right commercial real estate to buy or lease before it is claimed by someone else. Properties in Boston go fast, so it is important to have current information and be ready to commit to the right space.

Are you looking to lease or buy retail space in Boston's Allston neighborhood? As with commercial real estate virtually anywhere in the city, retail space in Allston isn't always easy to come by. Competition for the best properties is very fierce, so it is crucial to arm yourself with as many resources as possible. A great start is signing up for free, instant access to Boston City Properties' searchable commercial real estate listings. That's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the kinds of help that we provide, including connecting you with commercial real estate agents who can help you find exactly what you need.

About Allston

Located in the western end of the city adjacent to the neighborhood of Brighton, Allston is cut off from the rest of the city to the east and north by the Charles River and by the city of Brookline to the south and southeast. With its proximity to Cambridge, Allston is home to many students, so there is always plenty of foot traffic. Oftentimes, this neighborhood is referred to as Allston-Brighton, as the two neighborhoods are often regarded as one. From the Victorian homes of Lower Allston to the brick apartment buildings and triple decker wood homes elsewhere in the neighborhood, it's one of the most unique areas in the city.

Since it's home to such a huge population of students, Allston has plenty to offer when it comes to commercial and retail establishments. It is easy to see why so many businesses set up shop here. The triangular intersection that is formed by Harvard Avenue, Brighton Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue is widely regarded as ground zero for retail in this part of the city. Each street has its own unique characteristics, with Brighton Avenue being dominated by ethnic restaurants and Harvard Avenue being dotted by resale stores, thrift shops, furniture stores and the like.

If you want to buy retail space for your business in Allston, you can choose from a number of promising options. At any given time, several great commercial properties are up for grabs in this part of the city. From Allston Village to the hip shopping and dining establishments of Brighton Avenue, this charming neighborhood has a little bit of something for everyone. That's equally true for business owners, as businesses of all sizes and scopes seem to thrive here.

Tips for Finding the Right Retail Space

When searching for retail properties in Allston, keep these tips in mind:

• Set a Budget- First and foremost, establish a realistic budget. Whether you'll be leasing or buying, you need to know how much you can afford to spend per month. If leasing, keep in mind that triple-net leases roll many costs into one payment.
• Access Resources - Search smarter--not harder--by signing up for free, immediate access to Boston City Properties' continually updated database of Boston commercial real estate listings. We can also connect you with many other useful resources to assist you with your search.
• Know What You Need - Make a list of the amenities and features that your retail space absolutely must have to work for you. Keep in mind that certain amenities are only typically found on higher-end properties, so mind your budget.
• Research the Top Options - After searching our listings, whittle down your list to a handful of the most promising options. Delve more deeply into each one to figure out whether any of them are good fits for your business.
• Enlist Help - Finally, when you're ready to tour properties on your list or otherwise need additional help, contact Boston City Properties. We'll put you in touch with an experienced Allston commercial real estate agent who can take it from there.

How Boston City Properties Can Help

Boston City Properties is an indispensable ally for anyone who is looking to buy or lease retail space in the bustling neighborhood of Allston. Right this instant, you can sign up to start searching our listings for promising options in the area. Get the most relevant results by adjusting filters for things like price and total square footage. When you're ready, we'll connect you with a real estate expert in Allston who can take you to look at properties, assist in negotiations and even guide you through closing. Call today for more info.