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Located in Boston's Back Bay area, this street spans from the Boston Public Garden to Massachusetts Avenue. The street gained its name from the Puritan victory of the Battle of Newbury during the English Civil War. Until the early 1900s, it remained a residential area. Many of the original Victorian brownstone homes from the 1800s are still lining areas of the street. By the 1920s, lower Newbury Street became a popular destination for society's upper crust. Boutique stores selling clothing and accessories stated appearing at that time, and more businesses sprouted quickly as the popularity of existing shops grew.

There are several iconic landmarks on the street. The current Taj was once the famous Ritz Carlton Hotel of Boston. A building housing a Montessori school today was once the original Exeter Street Theater, which was one of Boston's most popular theaters for 70 years. The area did not officially become a shopping district until the 1970s. At that time, Newbury Comics appeared in the area. After that, more shops began appearing. Most stores were clothing and accessory shops before that time, but the area today is home to wide variety of salons, boutiques and dining venues.

Modern Newbury Street attracts both locals and tourists. People visiting the area come for the shopping experience and benefits of having a large variety of independently-owned stores within a small area. The restaurants in the neighborhood also strive to maintain the reputation of being one of Boston's overall best dining neighborhoods for both variety and quality. When looking for larger pieces of commercial real estate or a smaller retail space in the area, businesses have access to a variety of choices. The area is already a known dining and shopping hot spot, so one advantage of buying or leasing a commercial space in the area is that there is already a steady stream of potential customers at all times.

Commercial real estate space on Newbury Street usually goes fast, so it can be difficult to find the right spot without some expert help. The professionals at BCP can help shoppers find exactly what they are looking for. Several businesses that started on Newbury Street expanded to grow into multi-location companies. Whether business owners are looking to stay small or start small and grow, there are plenty of retail spaces and restaurant locations to meet any need. There are some larger locations, but the majority of the area's spaces are boutiques.

Commercial real estate spaces here are often priced higher than some of Boston's neighborhoods, but the prices are well worth it for the prime location and constant stream of shoppers who are ready to spend. The only difficult part of the process is finding the ideal spot. Do not waste time browsing outdated listings or trying to look for spaces alone. Finding that perfect retail location may take a little time, so start browsing as early as possible. Boston City Properties keeps up-to-date information about current listings and what each one has to offer. Let the experts help find the right size of space and the perfect location.