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Before large-scale building projects gained popularity here in the 1800s, Back Bay was an actual bay. Its most iconic features are the well-preserved brownstone Victorian homes that followed the emergence of urban design in that era. There are also buildings such as the Boston Public Library, Steinert Hall and Copley Square, which are considered some of Boston's most important landmarks. This neighborhood's borders are Arlington Street to Park Square, the Charles River, Charlesgate East, Huntington Avenue, the Massachusetts Turnpike, Dalton Street and Columbus Avenue.

A variety of commercial real estate buildings and retail spaces are scattered throughout the Back Bay neighborhood, and they are the perfect places for starting new businesses or for relocating to a more upscale location. Since Back Bay is considered one of the two most wealthy areas for living, high-end businesses and companies catering to wealthier clients will find this area an ideal location for moving or starting a business.

In the 1700s, Boston's Boylston Street existed, but it was called Frog Lane at the time. It was later named Common Street before earning its current name, which was in honor of Ward Nicholas Boylston, a generous and wealthy philanthropist. The street is home to the Boston Historical Society. This famous street should not be confused with the other Boylston Street that runs through the Brookline and Newton suburbs. Boylston Street is one of the most sought-after shopping streets in the neighborhood and in the city of Boston today. Both local shoppers and tourists frequent the area, so retail businesses usually do well here.

In addition to a variety of retail-based and service-based businesses, the area currently hosts several top-of-the-line designer clothing and accessory stores. At any time, there are several retail space locations and commercial real estate listings for sale or lease in the Back Bay and Boylston Street areas. From small office spaces to large department stores, shoppers have plenty of options. When planning to buy or lease commercial space in the area, it is important for businesses to think about current size needs and future growth. Since the area already hosts several famous retail names that attract many shoppers to the area, retail businesses in the area do not need to worry about being in an obscure location where few people visit. There are many benefits associated with owning a business in a prime location such as this area. While offices and stores in the Back Bay and Boylston Street areas may come with a higher price tag than some of Boston's other neighborhoods, it is important to consider the financial benefits in contrast.

When it is time to start looking at properties, comparing features and making a decision about where to move, turn to Boston City Properties for more options. Boston City Properties stays current with all recent listings and gathers information about each property. The entire process of acquiring retail space or relocating to a better commercial real estate location is made simple with the help of BCP's experienced professionals.

If you're looking to buy or lease retail space in Boston's prestigious Back Bay neighborhood, let Boston City Properties lend a hand. Given the popularity of this neighborhood as a shopping, dining and entertainment destination in the heart of one of the most exciting cities in the world, it's easy to see why retail space is often hard to come by. By establishing a retail presence here, you are guaranteed excellent foot traffic and exposure. The trick, of course, is finding the right kind of space. Our team can help. In the meantime, study up about retail space in the Back Bay.

About Back Bay

Built during the mid-1800s on what used to be a series of tidal marshes, Back Bay is situated adjacent to the Boston Public Garden and downtown. Sprawling over more than 450 acres in the heart of the city, this neighborhood is home to some of the most iconic landmarks and attractions in the area. From the Prudential Center to the John Hancock Tower to Trinity Church, the neighborhood is awash in amazing feats of architecture. However, it is probably best known for its iconic Victorian row houses, or brownstones, which are lovingly maintained and often occupied by various businesses.

Because the Hines Convention Center is located in this part of the city, Back Bay is widely regarded as a prime business and commercial district. Along bustling main streets like Newbury Street, Commonwealth Avenue and Boylston Street, you will find an eclectic array of retail establishments, including trendy restaurants, unique boutiques, salons, bistros and much more. Don't let the prestige of this neighborhood fool you; you don't have to own a high-end retail business to make it here. Businesses of all sizes and scopes thrive in this part of the city.

When it comes to retail space in Back Bay, there are plenty of areas to choose from. Along Newbury Street, businesses of all kinds line the brick sidewalks. Along this corridor, you'll primarily find huge, international retailers. There is a smattering of smaller boutiques and other locally owned businesses as well as salons, restaurants, bars and even office space.

Other prime areas in the neighborhood for retail space include Boylston Street, St. James Street and Huntington Avenue. Along these thoroughfares, you'll find a higher concentration of local and national retailers as well as glitzy hotels, high-rise office buildings, eateries and more.

Tips for Procuring Retail Space in the City

Finding the right retail space for your business is overwhelming in general, but it's especially tricky in a thriving urban area like Back Bay. Some tips to help you find what you need include:

• Know Your Budget - How much can you afford to pay for a monthly lease or mortgage payment? It's crucial to have a firm grasp of the numbers before starting your search in earnest.
• How Much Space? - Know approximately how much space you'll need before initiating your search. Remember too that there's more than a sales floor to think about; keep things like storage space and changing rooms in mind as well.
• Search Our Database - Sign up for free access to Boston City Properties' retail real estate listings to quickly narrow things down. If possible, whittle things down to about three to five options.
• Negotiate - Whether you are buying or leasing retail space, you can expect to engage in some negotiations to arrive at the final figure. This is where the help of an experienced commercial real estate agent really comes in handy. Boston City Properties has agents in Back Bay who can assist you.

How Boston City Properties Can Help

When it comes to identifying viable retail space in Back Bay, it pays to arm yourself with the right resources. Connecting with Boston City Properties is the best way to make your search as quick and simple as possible. Once you've signed up using the quick, simple form, you'll get immediate access to our searchable listings. We'll also send you daily email updates with listings for properties that meet your criteria. Use our advanced search feature to narrow things down by price, size and other attributes. When you're ready, contact us to be connected with a Back Bay commercial real estate agent who can assist you further. For more information, call Boston City Properties today